Lifting Padded Straps (BLACK)

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Get a grip and lift beyond your limitations!

High quality, tough and durable. Lifting Straps give you that extra lift you need to perform more reps and more sets – with heavier weights as well as use for assistance with pull-ups.

Padded for comfort and to prevent any irritation caused by the straps pulling on your wrists, these Lifting Straps are perfect for a variety of pulling exercises such as deadlifts, rows and shrugs.

Available in a sleek black design with rubber badge branding, these Lifting Straps are used by Olympic lifters and casual gym-goers alike. GYMITNOW has you covered to take your training sessions to the next level.

- One pair per pack

- Padded for comfort
- Reduce grip fatigue
- Highly durable fabric
- Raised rubber GYMITNOW logo