Pack of 3 Glute Bands + Travel Pouch

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Maximise your potential with our ultimate glute bands.

Designed to help build the perfect booty, notice results in 30 days! 

  • One size fits all. Made to last material. Durable, thick and won’t lose shape when stretched.
  • 3 level resistance. Heavy | Medium | Light
  • Non slip straps with special added VQM rubber made to not roll and will grip unlike other latex elastic bands out there. You can now focus on building core power to your workout
  • Comes with a free travel pouch 
  • Train anywhere, anytime! 
  • Easy to use and compact

There is no time like the present! Our set of 3 level resistance bands provides you the comfort of 3 different tensions, adjustable to your fitness goals.

Each band has its use whether it be for your inner or outer thighs, booty, toning, or physiotherapy.

These strong bands can be used in squat positions, yoga, pilates, glute bridges, and help improve posture.

If you are a beginner, don't worry! With our bands you can pick up new techniques in a matter of minutes.

Help you stay fit and healthy! Balance that hectic lifestyle by using our therabands to get into shape and boost your energy. 
Feel the burn on those legs! Feel like a professional - add the extra resistance and make every minute of your workout worth it!