11-23kg Resistance band

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The perfect resistance band to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goal.  

"Burn 1000 calories per hour. Anywhere, anytime"

  • Designed and trusted by professionals 
  • Easy to use, compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a free travel pouch
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Full body workout

Give your body that pump it deserves! Our resistance bands have a variety of uses: To build strength – each band exerts a particular amount of force on your muscles when stretched and can be used in both upper and lower body training.
 To improve mobility – resistance bands are a great way to help you improve your flexibility, but you can also use them to improve joint mobility.

Rehabilitation – bands have proved themselves essential for aiding recovery and are especially useful when it comes to working on hip, shoulder and knee injuries.

Pull ups – resistance bands can also help you build up to doing pull ups. Loop them around the pull up bar and place your foot or knee inside the band to support your weight as you train 

Great alternative from machines and dumbbells giving you a full body pump workout; Biceps. Triceps, Glutes, Legs, Chest, Cardio, Core and Speed 

“take the gym with you” Perfect for use with or without a training mat. Small and compact to help balance that hectic lifestyle. 

Stay fit, healthy, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. 
For beginners and athletes of all sport. Add variety to your workouts! Make it fun! These strong bands can also be used to squat and simplify those draining days at the gym. If you are a beginner, then don't worry! The beauty of our latex resistance bands is that you can pick up new techniques in a matter of minutes. Become a professional at your own pace. They do exactly what they say on the tin! Adding resistance while toning your body at a faster rate. 

*Regularly check the general condition of the elastic. If you notice a crack or a snag, stop using the product*